World Changers: Shaping Futures
Our new programme Shaping Futures launched in 2020. 
A 4-week online programme for emerging leaders globally who want to build their skills, confidence and leadership capacity to shape futures.



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The Shaping Futures programme is based on our leadership education methodology and experience working with emerging leaders, from across Europe, Asia, and Africa.


It focuses on two core elements to unlocking leadership capabilities: greater self-awareness and effective vision and goal setting.

The programme aims to help you to develop your skills, knowledge and confidence, to find your innate leadership abilities.

Skills. Develop the skills you need for effective vision and goal setting. 


Self-awareness. Gain an understanding of your strengths and areas to develop.

Confidence. Build the confidence to lead yourself and others in a complex and fast changing world. 

Knowledge. Understand how you can play a part in shaping your world and creating a positive future.

Network. Join a global network of like-minded emerging leaders.

What will I gain?

Is this programme for me?

Do you want to...


  • Enhance your understanding of your own strengths and areas to develop

  • Build your personal vision and learn how to set better goals 

  • Develop your confidence to become a leader


Experience needed: None. 

We believe that everyone can be a change maker if we can unlock your leadership potential.

We will tailor the programme around your experience level so that you develop at your own pace. 

We recognise that people learn in different ways and that you are on a personal journey of discovery. Therefore, you can work on any goals you want to.

In our past programmes, participants have worked on skill-based goals such as improving confidence at public speaking or tackling procrastination. Others have worked towards starting new community projects or businesses.

The choice is yours and will be based on your vision for yourself. We will help you to develop this vision and translate this into two goals you can work towards during the programme.

What goals can I work on?

Applications for the Shaping Futures programme are now open.

Final application deadline is on July 20th 2020.

Applications are open to anyone aged 18+ from any country. 

Rise above the horizon of average

Aerial View of Islands

A challenging 4-week programme based online, designed to accelerate your personal journey into leadership. 

An opportunity to exchange skills, knowledge, and spark new thinking to drive forward your own personal vision and goals.

A certificate of completion at the end of the programme.

Access to a wider network of alumni and change makers.

To leave feeling unstoppable to tackle the next phase of your life.

What should I expect?

How will I learn?

Self-directed learning materials and activities designed to help you to raise your self-awareness and develop and define a personal vision and goals to achieve it. 

Regular activities where you practice your goals which you can chosen to work towards during the programme.

Weekly mentoring and coaching sessions to support and challenge you as you strive to achieve your goals.

Live discussion events on a range of topics, vital for navigating through an increasingly complex and fast changing world. 

Self-reflection activities and discussions designed to help you to apply what you have learnt to future behaviours. 

Supportive peer group who will push you to exceed your own expectations.

How much time do I need to commit?

Our programme is designed to be flexible and adaptable around your other commitments.

In total, we estimate that the programme will take between 25-30 hours to complete, plus the time you choose to commit towards working on your goals.

If this sounds intimidating, we have split the time up in the table below, to show you how it works on a weekly basis.


When is the programme?

Our programme runs between 20th July - 16th August. The table below breaks down the programme over a 4-week period. 

The dates and times of individual mentoring and coaching sessions and live events will be confirmed at a later date. We will need to know about your schedule and prior commitments to help schedule these sessions.


How much does it cost?

Our 4-week interactive online Shaping Futures programme is priced at £250 (British Sterling).


What’s included in the cost?

Access to:

  • Online self-directed learning materials and activities

  • Weekly coaching and mentoring sessions

  • Weekly live discussions on a variety of topics

  • Additional support if you get stuck or demotivated

Plus a certificate of completion at the end of the programme


Concerned about affording the course? We have a range of bursaries available.

Notebook and Pencil

Ready to start your leadership journey?

If you have any questions get in touch at info@worldchangers.org.uk.

Our impact

Our participants tell us that their experience has opened their minds to new possibilities, developed confidence, increased academic success, changed career paths, and been instrumental in starting multiple businesses and social action projects.