Our partners and supporters

Social Storm is helped by a range of partners and supporters every year, who provide support for our operations and help us in achieving our international reach.  

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The University of East Anglia is very proud to be one of the founding partners of Social Storm. As a university we are passionate about harnessing the power of innovative and entrepreneurial thinking to tackle the big societal and environmental issues. We believe Social Storm allows us our students to do something different and make a positive impact on the world.

Bloomsbury Institute is delighted to be one of the core partners of Social Storm. Social Storm provides unique exposure and experience for students to work across borders and boundaries, leverage technology for collaboration and have a deep dive into the Sustainable Development Goals - and all within 24 hours. We work with Commonwealth networks which we actively tap and target to help make Social Storm more international and inclusive.  

The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network (CBWN) is a social enterprise and an accredited organisation directly recognised by 54 governments across six continents committed to advancing UN Sustainable Development Goal 5 focused on encouraging, enabling and embedding women in leadership and women’s economic empowerment through work in trade, talent and training. It aligns with the Commonwealth’s priority focus in gender equality of supporting women in leadership through mentoring by women in business for women in early stage careers and recent graduates and supporting women in higher education to support employability and entrepreneurship. Its advocacy, participation and support of Social Storm is a tangible contribution to its impact in this area.