About Social Storm

Social Storm facilitates the connection and collaboration of university students, businesses and non for profit organisations, to find innovative solutions to our global issues. We are building a community of creative, passionate change makers who aim to create innovative, disruptive and sustainable solutions to tackle the challenges we face globally. 


Hackathons bring together people from a diverse range of backgrounds with a mix of skills and knowledge, to collaborate on finding solutions to problems.  They often take place over an intensive 24-48 hour period in one location. Our global hackathon is based in multiple locations, with teams comprised of participants from at least two other locations, often in other countries. Virtual communication technology plays a large role in connecting participants together. 

We have worked with participants from 15 countries between 2014-2018
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We believe that collaboration and creativity comes alive when we have participants from diverse backgrounds and we are aiming for our next Social Storm to be even more international. We are looking for universities, mentors and judges from:



•Pacific and Oceania

•Caribbean and the Americas

If you want to get involved please contact info@worldchangers.org.uk

Our aims for participants

Develop Skills - by providing the opportunity to develop enterprise and employability skills and business knowledge. 

Be Inspired - by showing great examples of social enterprises, businesses and projects, and by demonstrating how much they can achieve in a short space of time.

Understand the Potential of Technology - by demonstrating the potential technology has to change how we communicate our ideas and collaborate across countries

Social Storm began in 2014 as a partnership of  enterprise educators, to bring together universities for Global Entrepreneurship Week. 

Watch a selection of past winners below and view other inspiring ideas from Social Storm teams here

2014 - Team Gems - from Cape Breton University, Canada, and Loughborough University, UK

2015 - Team Excalibur - from Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, and Loughborough University, UK

2016 - Team Dorsey - from Aston University, University of Edinburgh and the University of East Anglia​

2017 - Team Barth - from the University of Edinburgh, IE and Loughborough University London.