Social Storm: Climate Action

12pm 22 October - 8pm 23 October (GMT)
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Do you want to contribute towards tackling climate change?


Join our 32 hour hackathon to design and contribute actionable solutions to tackle one of the biggest threats facing humanity.

As an Enactus member, you can join from any country, background, or degree discipline. You will be working in teams to find a sustainable solution to a real-life problem and submitting a video pitch and action plan to bring your idea to life, to a team of judges.

This event will be in the lead up to COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference where global leaders will be accelerating action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Get involved by signing up as an Enactus member or mentor using the links below. 

Are you passionate about building a better society? Can you use your skills and ideas to find solutions to our society's problems?


We’re looking for people who believe they can make a difference to society. 

You will be working in teams to find a sustainable solution to a real-life problem, designing an action plan to bring the idea to life, and submitting a video pitch a panel of judges. 

This event is open to Enactus members, from any background or degree discipline.

Download our student guide to learn more:

Are you a passionate social entrepreneur?  Do you believe young people can find solutions to our society's problems?

We are looking for individuals from a range of industries, backgrounds and experiences to mentor our teams.

You will be mentoring teams of young people tackling society's issues with innovative and sustainable solutions. 

All mentoring takes place virtually, using free communication software, so you can take part from anywhere in the world, for as much time as you can give. 

Download our mentor guide to learn more:


Do you have questions about the event? Read through our Frequently Asked Questions to see if we can answer it for you. If we haven’t answered it, email your question to

How long is the hackathon and do I need to commit to attending all of it?

The event runs for 32 hours between 12pm (midday) on Friday 22 October and 8pm on Saturday 23 October (GMT). We will have lots of sessions going on during these hours, plus time for you to work in your teams to develop your ideas. 

Ideally you should be available to attend the whole event (apart from sleep of course), to get the most out of the experience and add value to your team. But we understand that you might have 1-3 hours of lectures or other commitments to attend – if that’s the case simply let us know when you sign up. 

See the timetable below for timings


Is this event virtual or face to face?

This hackathon is entirely virtual – you can take part from anywhere. If you wish to work in person with your team members, please follow your university guidelines on COVID-19 safety. 

Who can participate in the event?

Any Enactus member can participate – including undergraduates and postgraduates. This event is also open to Enactus members from outside of the UK – just let us know which country and university when you sign up. 

Can I work with my Enactus team members?

Yes, you can work with your Enactus team members if you have a project or concept already in mind. Everyone in your Enactus team will need to name the project or concept when they sign up – so that we can match you up. 

If you don’t already have a project or concept – don’t worry, we will add you to a team with other members of your Enactus team and/or other Enactus teams. This is an opportunity to work with Enactus students from across the country – you never know what you might learn through collaboration. 

How big will the teams be?

We recommend teams of 6-8 members. 

If you are signing up with a project or concept and have more than 8 members interested in taking part, we recommend splitting the group into two. This way you can explore lots more options for the project and come back together to discuss the ideas after the event. 

If you are signing up without a project or concept, we’ll put you into teams of between 6-8. 

How should I prepare for the event?

Read our student guide and any emails we send to you. Research the impact of climate change and solutions being developed. Get your team members to join the event. 

What platform will you be using?

We will be using Microsoft Teams to connect everyone together. We will send you a link to join the event via email, nearer to the time. 

What equipment do I need to participate?

A computer, with a video camera and microphone, and a reliable internet connection. 

What climate change themes should I consider?

You have the freedom to focus on any climate change themes you want to – you could explore extreme weather such as flooding, reducing plastic in water eco-systems, air pollution, green energy, or decarbonization.