World Changers Challenge: South Africa 2014

The 2014 Challenge was led by Matt Pradhan and Ben Oddie, and supported by Peter Bailey. This trip helped to clarify what makes South Africa Challenge a unique leadership and personal development programme. Using the knowledge gained from previous trips, the Challengers started their own projects, learning leadership skills from the ground up. 

South Africa Challenge 2014 involved Ben Oddie, Peter Bailey, Stephen Butler, Gabriella Iannelli, Sena Erkas, Helen Ots, Riccardo Lorenzon and led by Matt Pradhan. 

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Loughborough School of Business and Economics kindly agreed to sponsor Peter Bailey, Matt Pradhan, Sena Erkas, Helen Ots and Gabriella Iannelli for the 2014 programme with a donation from their alumni fund, the Fund for Excellence – established to support excellence, helping to stimulate and motivate future leaders to enable them to achieve their full potential.

​Ernst and Young kindly agree to provide sponsorship for the programme to enhance the experience of the challengers.