In what ways has South Africa Challenge changed your outlook on life or world view?


South Africa Challenge definitely made me realise that life is short and also how privileged I am in comparison to many people, this was an eye opener and it made me want to make the most out of my life, I wake up in the mornings full of positivity and motivation. Its made me believe that we are all capable of reaching our dreams if we believe in ourselves.


On reflection, what did you learn about yourself, others, or South Africa? 


I learnt that everyone is different, you can never judge a person based on preconceptions as you would be left totally incorrect. I also learnt that we are all in the same boat together and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses that we are dealing with. In terms of South Africa, everyone is so happy and friendly no matter the circumstances and this was really beautiful.


Which parts of the South Africa Challenge did you enjoy the most?  


I would say everything but the stand outs for sure would be, the coaching sessions in the mornings, interacting with everyone and making new friends, the cooking challenge, implementation of our project, learning about the culture, the game drive for many reasons and finally how friendly and kind every single person on the challenge was.


How do you think South Africa Challenge will influence what you do in your future? Or how has it already influenced you since returning?    


It has definitely influenced me to do what makes me happy, its changed my outlook towards life, I am a much more positive person and the personal growth from the 2 weeks in South Africa would not be possible anywhere else in my opinion, so with all I have learnt I plan on now building on the platform that has been set and reach my goals for the future.

What would you say to future participants?    


I would say go to South Africa with an open mindset, don't go into it expecting everything to go as planned, because it won't! Be able to adapt to certain situations. Also make the most of the two weeks and the opportunity both in terms of socialising with everyone as well as the person development/project side of things. Go to South Africa with a positive mindset and this will definitely put you in a good place for what lies ahead.


If you had to summarise the South Africa Challenge experience in one paragraph, what would you say?  


 The best experience of my life, i have been to South Africa numerous times before, but the SAC is something completely different, i have learnt so much and my whole outlook on life has changed which i find incredible and a huge success in a space of only two weeks! The program is extremely well thought out and I appreciate all the effort and time thats put into making it sustainable.