Past Trips

​​Since 2012, we have taken groups of young people from across the world to Durban, South Africa, for a leadership programme that engaged, inspired and equipped them to make the most of their lives.​ When they returned they were unstoppable.

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Our 2019 team of 17 participants and Team Leaders was drawn from a mixture of students and professionals.


The team represented many nationalities including India, Thailand, South Africa, Mauritius, Slovakia, Belgium, Mozambique, and the UK. 

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This year’s team of 20 participants and Team Leaders was drawn from a mixture of students and professionals.


The team represented 10 nationalities including Zambia, South Africa, Germany, Iran, Slovakia, Belgium, Mozambique, Hong Kong, Italy and the UK.  

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The 2017 programme was led by Lorenza Arnaboldi, Helen Ots and Hadrian Tulk, who led the largest team to date. This year’s programme saw the team meeting several NGOs, learning about the local culture, taking part in networking events and pitching competitions, all in between researching and testing solutions for tackling their chosen societal challenges.​ 

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In addition to taking emerging leaders to South Africa, we have always had the ambition for making the South Africa Challenge into a cross country cultural exchange programme. 

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Helen Ots led the 2015 team, again supported by Peter Bailey. That year’s trip focused on strengthening the personal development and leadership elements of the Challenge, as well as supporting the Challengers to run their own projects. 


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The 2014 Challenge was led by Matt Pradhan and Ben Oddie, and supported by Peter Bailey. This trip helped to clarify what makes South Africa Challenge a unique leadership and personal development programme. Using the knowledge gained from previous trips, the Challengers started their own projects, learning leadership skills from the ground up.



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Building on a successful pilot trip, Peter Bailey took over as team leader in 2013, taking another group of six young people out to Durban. Focusing on the skills and knowledge the team could bring to South Africa, the group worked on projects which would add value to our partners and explored issues the country faces in more detail.  ​


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In 2011, Hadrian Tulk was approached by Gori Olusina Daniel to set up and run the first South Africa Challenge under the World Changers Foundation. Hadrian lead the pilot trip in 2012, focusing the trip on cultural exchange and building relationships with our network of partners. ​


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